Whitening & Lightening Intimate Hygiene Gel Wash

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100% Natural Actives. Oak Gall Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Gudhal Extract, Lactic Acid

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Vigini Private Part Intimate Lightening Whitening Hygiene Wash Gel Feminine Hygiene for women is a non-staining formula that cleans intimate areas and also provides required hydration, Non Itching Non Staining Serum or Cream. It maintains the pH balance of intimate areas and removes hyperpigmentation. It effectively removes foul smells besides preventing fungal and bacterial infections. Aloe Vera, Oak Gall, Tulsi, Neem Ext., Tea Tree Oil & Lactic Acid are a combination of Herbs that Prevent Itching, Reduce Pigmentation & Dryness, as well as act as a Moisturizer. intimate feminine wash Lightening Whitening Hygiene Wash Gel Feminine Hygiene is an effective wash that maintains a pH 3.5 Removes foul smell and Decreases Intimacy Inhibition. Vigini Intimate Whitening Lightening wash provides multiple benefits with one single product and is completely safe and natural for your intimate areas.

Key Product Benefits

Product Features & Benefits

Oak Gall EXT.

Healing vaginal tissue, Restoring vaginal elasticity

Tea Tree Extract

Helps Treat Vaginal Infections. Anti Fungal Properties

Cucumber Extract

Reduces Pigmentation, Firms up Skin

Aloe Vera

Lightens Skin Complexion, Fights Bacteria & Fungi

For External Use Only. Store at temperature below 30°C

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Q. Does it cause burning sensation after application?

Ans. No. Instead it contains Aloe Vera and it calms the intimate skin.

Q. As all the ingredients are natural, does it have good shelf life?

Ans. Yes, it has natural preservatives and has good shelf life of 36 months

Q. Whether pregnant can use this product?

Ans. Yes, as this product is 100 % Natural and 100% Safe

Q. Is this a unisex product?

Ans. No, specially formulated for women as it maintains their body's required pH 3.5. For the men you can try our Hammer King Men Intimate Wash.

Q. How often can I use this product?

Ans. For optimum results our recommendation is to use this product twice a day.

Q. Can I use this product during periods?

Ans. Yes, it helps to maintain hygiene and removes bad odour during menstruation.

Q. Is it sulfate free?

Ans. Yes

Q. Is this helpful for itching in private area?

Ans. Yes. This has anti-bacterial and anti- fungal properties and thus it prevents itcing.

Q. Is it safe to use it daily?

Ans. Yes, you can use this to maintain the hygiene

Q. How do you use Vigini intimate wash?

Ans. Take a little amount of the gel on your palm and rub to form lather. Apply it on the external part of the vaginal area. Wash with clean water and feel fresh.