Hammer King Gel

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Vigini Hammer King Gel Massage Cream is designed to help men boost their performance. This intimate gel contains a combination of high-quality and unique herbal ingredients like javadi kasturi, hibiscus extract, essential oil, jaati phalam, jaatipatree and more. It is a revolutionary product to provide strength without surgery and side effects. Its unique formulation can increase blood flow so that it helps release male hormones. Use it regularly for a stronger erection that lasts longer. Hammer King Gel works proactively to make you more confident in bed and enhance your performance. It has a strong formula that prolongs pleasure and increases satisfaction.

Key Product Benefits

Product Features & Benefits

Lavender Oil

Aromatherapy and lavender is a simple way to relax, boost mood, and decrease anxiety and depression, which can be helpful in boosting sexual.

Jaatiphalam Ext.

Increasing comfort during sex and minimizing any feelings of soreness or irritation.

Hibiscus Ext.

Stimulate sexual desire and enhance performance and enjoyment.

Jaiphal Oil

Nervous stimulants have a positive effect on sexual behavior.

For External Use Only. Store at temperature below 30°C


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Q. Does it cause burning sensation after application?

Ans. No

Q. How long does it take for appreciable results?

Ans. Best results can be seen in 3 months and the regualr use of Men Capsules.

Q. Why should I use lubricants?

Ans. Lubes can be used to enhance sensations, add a bit of fun or just top up natural levels of lubrication. Vigini lubes have been specially designed to make sure you enjoy the best experience!

Q. Are Lubricants safe to use and condoms?

Ans. You can use any of our Lubricant Gel ranges safely and all Condoms. Just smooth over the condom when it is already on. Please remember though, it is not a contraceptive and it doesn't contain spermicide.

Q. Does this lube-tube have artificial flavour or fragrance?

Ans. No, it is free from any artificial/synthetic fragrance or flavour.

Q. Is it sulfate free?

Ans. Yes

Q. As all the ingredients are natural, does it have good shelf life?

Ans. Yes, it has natural preservatives and has good shelf life of 24 months

Q. Why aren't the results visible?

Ans. Some skin types are more resistant to external products than others and may take more than 6 weeks to deliver visible results. Therefore, the continuous application is recommended until you achieve the desired results.

Q. Will the delivery box show details of what’s inside?

Ans The product is packaged in discreet packaging, no information about contents is on the outside of the package. It is completely leak-proof, so even the delivery guy won't know what's inside!