Dermistry Kojic Acid Skin Perfecting Fairness Face Cream Dark Spots Correction Instant Glow-50ml

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“Dermistry Skin Perfecting Anti-Pigmentation Face Cream. Its unique expression contains  Resorcinol and Kojic Acid, that help to alleviate and remove marks and saturation as well as reduce melanin exertion. The pure Shea Butter Niacinamide have been integrated efficaciously to provide an even pigmentation and prevent melanin synthesis so effectively that you will have your skin turning visibly softer and glowing. Shea adulation has been shown to help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by hydrating the skin and reducing inflammation. A natural remedy for pigmented skin, age spots, sunburn and tanned skin, this anti-pigmentation cream possesses the benefit of a full-fledged formula ,which clarifies the skin while averting the appearance of any future discoloration, thus, leaving the skin fresh and youthful. 

Key Product Benefits

Product Features & Benefits


Reduces Dark Spots or Uneven Skin Pigmentation

Kojic Acid

Minimizes the Recurrence of Discoloration

Shea Butter

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Argan Oil

Help Get Your Skin Back to its Clear

For External Use Only. Store at temperature below 30°C

6 reviews for Dermistry Kojic Acid Skin Perfecting Fairness Face Cream Dark Spots Correction Instant Glow-50ml

  1. Puja

    I had hyperpigmentation and i tried most products but with no results and just using this Skin Perfecting Face Cream of pigmentation cream for last few weeks i have noticed a significant result.

  2. Kirti

    One of the best cream for pigmentation on face. I recommended this Skin Perfecting Face Cream to everyone.

  3. Shardha

    I am completely satisfied with this cream, great for skin even tone, pigmentation and its help your skin looking bright.

  4. Raman

    By using this cream i got brightens skin and it reduces my dark spots.

  5. Sunny

    I can see that dark spots have started to reduce and skin has no irritation.

  6. Salini

    This cream is to reduce dark spots and pigmentation.

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Q. What is pigmentation?

Ans. Pigmentation is a skin condition that causes skin to darken due to  excess amount of melanin .

Q. What is the main cause of pigmentation?

Ans. Sun exposure is a common cause of skin pigmentation.

Q. Which skin type is Dermistry Skin Perfecting Face Cream suitable for?

Ans. Dermistry Skin Perfecting Face Cream is mostly suitable for all skin types.

Q. Can Skin Perfecting Face Cream can be used by both men and women?

Ans. Yes, Skin Perfecting Face Cream is work equally on both men and women.

Q. When is the best time to use this Skin Perfecting Face Cream product?

Ans. You can use this product after cleansing your face with Dermistry Skin Perfecting Face Wash.

Q. How often should i use the Skin Perfecting Face Cream?

Ans. For the best result, you should use it twice a day.

Q. What is the best age for using Dermistry Skin Perfecting Face Cream?

Ans. Anyone who above the age of 18 years.

Q. Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Ans. Yes, all our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Q. What the shelf life of this products?

Ans. Skin Perfecting Face Cream have a 36 months shelf life.

Q. Does Skin Perfecting Face Cream really work?

Ans. Yes, Skin Perfecting Face Cream works really well. This pigmentation cream is enriched with Potent Actives resorcinol, kojic acid, shea butter and argan oil.