Acne Control Mask with Marine Algae

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45% Actives++ Oil Control Face Mask
Marine Algae, Green Tea Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Wheat Germ Oil

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Vigini Acne Control Mask reduces occurrence of pimples, acne and zits effectively. Controls Acne flare-ups. Refines and minimize pores. Vigini Acne Control Mask Clears pores, Removes oil, Dirt and Slough away dead cells. Making skin brighter and gives mattifying effect to the skin. Specially formulated for normal to oily skin. The mask is formulated with Marine Algae, Salicylic acid, Green Tea ext, Hyaluronic Acid , Glycolic Acid. After use the Skin feels clean, detoxed and fresh. For best results use twice a week after Foaming Face Wash.

Key Product Benefits

Product Features & Benefits

Marine Algae

Hydrating, Revitalizing, and Toning

Witch Hazel Ext.

Tightens pores, anti-aging

Salicylic Acid

Reduces pimples, and speeds up healing.

Vitamin E

Locks Skin Moisture and protects against cell damage.

For External Use Only. Store at temperature below 30°C


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Q. Is Vigini Acne Control Mask good for dry skin?

Ans. The Vigini Acne Control Face Mask removes excess oil and cleans pores of dirt and pollution, making skin look clean and clear through out the day. Witch Hazel Ext. helps clear spots, while Salicylic Acid exfolites for that brighter acne-free look. It is good for all skin types.

Q.How often should you use a face mask for acne?

Ans. You may use Face mask once a week.

Q. Does the Acne Control Mask feel greasy or sticky?

Ans. No, the clay mask does not feel greasy or sticky. It can be felt like a thin layer of clay on the skin that cleans pores, sucks excess oil, and tightens skin.

Q. What are the steps to follow in applying Acne Mask.

Ans. Wash face with foaming wash, Apply mask and leave for 10-20 mins, wash your face with luke warm water, Apply mattifying moisturiser after use.

Q. When is the best time to apply face mask?

Ans. Showering first allows your pores to open up from the warm water and steam, prepping your skin for a deeper cleansing experience. If you have drier skin, you may be better off applying your mask before taking a shower. This helps to seal in the moisture from your mask and the shower

Q. How long does it take for a acne face mask to work?

Ans. A minimum of four to six weeks,or probably longer, for acne prone skin changes,

Q. What happens if you use clay mask everyday?

Ans. While clay masks are ideal zit-busting skin rescuers, too much of it could also lead to skin dryness. As such, clay masks should only be used once a week for those with dry or sensitive skin. For oilier skin types, you may choose to use a clay mask twice a week if your skin agrees with it.

Q. Should I exfoliate my skin before applying Face mask?

Ans. Yes, using a face mask after exfoliating is perfectly okay. In fact, exfoliating makes it easier for the skin to absorb the ingredients in your face mask by removing the dead layer of cells on the surface, making it easier for the skin to absorb the ingredients in your face mask.

Q. What are the main benefits of this product?

Ans. This mask clears the skin pores of any dirt, pollution or excess oil. It tightens and seals the pores, leaving the skin clean and clear and free of acne causing bacteria.

Q. Can My Teenage Daughter Use It?

Ans. Yes, anyone above 15 years can use the Vigini Acne Control Face Mask for skin brightening and fighting acne-causing bacteria